BarBae Custom-Made Premium Bars

BarBae Deluxe White Custom Bar

Deluxe White Custom Bar

BarBae black bar

The Dark Knight

The Bridal Bar

BarBae Party Bar

Original Party Bar

BarBae LED Bar

LED Sound Activated White Bar (full setup)

BarBae Luxe Gold Mirror Bar

Luxe Gold Mirror Bar

BarBae Silver Cocktail Bar

Silver Cocktail Bar

BarBae theme bar

Theme Bar

BarBae Bar RAAF

Corporate Bar

BarBae Bar Station

Bar Station

BarBae Rose Gold Bar

Rose Gold Bar

BarBae Drink Station

Drink Station

Full Gold Mirror Luxe Bar

Full (3 metre) Luxe Gold Mirror Bar

BarBae Mini Bar

Mini LED Bar

BarBae White LED Bar

White LED Bar

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